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Treatments include osteopathic techniques that work on all tissues of the body including:  fascia(connective tissue), bones, viscera(organs) and fluids.
Catherine has a special interest in cranial osteopathy

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-5pm(or by special arrangement)
     *You will be provided with a receipt for osteopathy for
        insurance submissionPlease note that the title 'Osteopath' refers to
        a D.O.(Doctor of Osteopathy) who has medical osteopathic training.


Initial Consultation: 1 hour   $140+hst=$158.20

        *Assessment including medical history,

         current complaints, physical assessment, some treatment




Follow-Up: 1 hour  $140+hst=$158.20

                    45 min $115+hst=$129.95

                  *Discussion regarding changes in


                  *Objective measures of progress


The frequency of treatments is based upon your assessment, the ease with which your

body changes and the retention of the changes.  Adequate time between treatments is

required for you to integrate changes. 

*Cats live in this home so if you are allergic, you may see me at my clinic office in north Oakville where I am available Tuesdays 9-3 and Thursdays 2-8*

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