COVID-19 Protocol to keep you safe


You may book an appointment via phone or  email and I will email you a short covid-19 questionnaire that must be completed and returned to me before you arrive for your appointment. I will go over the questionnaire again with you upon your arrival to make sure there has been no change in your health. There will also be a consent form for you to sign upon your arrival. Contactless payment, ie. etransfer, is preferred.


You will be required to wear a mask,  cloth or disposable is acceptable. If you arrive without a mask, one will be provided for you; hand sanitizer provided upon your arrival and before you leave. Also, please wear appropriate clothing for the climate, ie. If you think you will get cold during the session, bring an extra piece of clothing as I will not be providing a blanket. The bare table will be disinfected after each client.


If someone brings you to your appointment, they will be asked to wait outside until your appointment is complete, unless you require the person to be with you during the appointment as in the case of a minor or someone who requires a caregiver. This person will be required to also complete a questionnaire and consent form.


I am required to wear a mask and protective eyewear. No gloves are required but I will be practising rigorous hand washing and cleaning of the treatment room between clients. 


Practitioners seek to address the cause that underlies the symptomatic complaint and facilitate the individual to heal themselves.

Osteopathy can help with many complaints including:

  • acute and chronic pain

  • headaches, migraines including post concussion syndrome

  • vertigo

  • digestive issues

  • post surgical recovery

             and more...​

Traditional Osteopathy is a system of manual therapy that focuses on restoring proper function to the entire body by ensuring the healthy interaction between the various tissues and systems of the body.



Medical Intuitive Evaluation


Catherine offers medical intuition as she combines several decades of experience and her knowledge in healthcare with her intuitive abilities that have been apparent over the years.

Medical intuition refers to the ability to assess an individuals health on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A medical intuitive can look into an individual's body and pinpoint specific imbalances, illnesses and pre-clinical conditions of the body's systems. A session can apprise a person of their current state of well-being by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their body.


The Medical Intuitive Evaluation is not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional. The evaluation is based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in and around the human body and must be handled in such a manner. If further therapy is suggested, it is not a prescription. The intention of the evaluation is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behaviour using intuition as an assessment tool.

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